Getting started

Learn how to make your first API requests using the Ozow API

🖥 Intro to our developer resources

Welcome to the Ozow HUB, the official playground for all things dev integration and setup. If you're new to the Ozow API, you've come to the right place.


→ API integration

→ Ozow PIN

→ Payouts

→ Refunds

Eager to start?

Feeling like an 🦫 eager beaver? Jump in to the quick start docs and set up your API today. Integrating into your eCommerce site is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Before you start

Please make sure to use your live API Key and Private Key after testing, and once you are ready to go live.

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  • Step 3

Want to set up Ozow PIN ?

We've got you covered. Please click here to get started with Ozow PIN integration.


Please note:

This is focused towards merchant integration of the Ozow PIN as consumer facing is done internally through payment flow.

Payouts setup?

All you need to know about our Payout integration right here

Refunds setup?

All you need to know about our Refunds integration right here


Whats to come

  • We are actively updating our HUB, soon we will have fully operational Sandbox/Recipes to test code.
  • We'll soon be adding more information with regards to brand guidelines, legal terms and conditions, and mobile and web interfaces.
  • We want to hear from you guys so we will be introducing a discussions space to help you with any burning questions.
  • For any further help please contact us here.

What’s Next