Voucher Redemption

Purchasing Vouchers is simple. They can be bought online, in store, or from mobile banking apps.

How to buy Voucher?

Merchant & Consumer Benefits

Merchant BenefitsConsumer Benefits
Consumer flexibility: Vouchers provide consumers with added payment options when shopping online.Vouchers, when compared to cash, are a more convenient way to pay, especially for those who do not have bank accounts.
Strengthen customer retention: Foster stronger customer loyalty by broadening payment options using vouchers.Vouchers are a secure way to pay. They're not linked to a bank account, so there is no risk of fraud, whereas cash or even debit cards can be risky.
Reduce Risk: The associated risks and costs of cash are reduced via the introduction of vouchering.Unlocks the remaining 20% of the population who are unbanked.
Increased purchasing power: With voucher redemption enabled, customers will have a better shopping experience from various merchants.Vouchers can be more affordable way to pay then credit cards or debit cards. Without service, transaction or account fees, they're the perfect cash equivalent.

Consumer Journey

Available Outlets

Voucher redemption flows

Mobile Flow

Error Flows - Invalid number

Error Flows - System Error

Error Flow - Voucher Used

Merchant Aggregated settlements flow

Voucher Refunds Flow

Merchant Onboarding

Manual settlements (interim solution)