Step 3: Bulk Job Result Notification

Once the job has been processed, the the results will be posted to the notification URL provided in the create bulk payment requests create call. The result will contain the job identifier, the job status as well as the compressed json data results. The compressed json data will contain the original data passed in the create call with additional fields for the results of each record.

Url notifyUrl (provided in the create bulk payment requests API call)
Method POST
URL Params N/A
Data Params
Name Type Description
jobId guid The identifier for the bulk payment request job.
jobReference string (100) The merchant reference for the job/batch that was passed in the create request.
status string The status of the job. Click here to review possible statuses
compressedData string (max)

A GZIP compressed json string of the json array of payment request and result fields.

Click here for more details regarding the payment request fields.

Click here for more details on compressing and decompressing the json data.

error string An error description regarding the processing of the job if applicable
hash string

SHA512 hash used to ensure that certain fields in the message have not been altered after the hash was generated.

Check the notification hash check section below for more details on how to validate the data received using the hash.

Result Notification Example
    "jobid": "b2d9ba84-a451-4f03-aae4-8cd3c90154fe",
    "jobReference": "UniqueMerchantReference",
    "status": "Complete",
    "compressedData": "GZIP compressed json result data",
    "error": null,
    "hash": "Example769a451e742573ec20bfa851085820d6d...a736

Status Types

ErrorThe bulk payment request job had encountered an error or the request data was not in the required format.
CompleteThe bulk payment request job had completed successfully.
CompleteWithErrorsThe bulk payment request job had completed but there were errors processing certain records.

Notification Hash Check

Follow these steps to generate the hash check:

  1. Concatenate the notification variables (excluding Hash) in the order they appear in the notification fields table above.
    Null values can be ignored
  2. Append your private key to the concatenated string. Your private key can be found in merchant details section of the merchant admin site.
  3. Convert the concatenated string to lowercase.
  4. Generate a SHA512 hash of the lowercase concatenated string.
  5. Compare generated hash to the Hash value received.

Hash Example

Here is an example of how a hash to verify the request should be generated using the steps above and the values below.

compressedDataGZIP compressed json result data
  1. b2d9ba84-a451-4f03-aae4-8cd3c90154feUniqueMerchantReferenceCompleteGZIP compressed json result data
  2. b2d9ba84-a451-4f03-aae4-8cd3c90154feUniqueMerchantReferenceCompleteGZIP compressed json result data215114531AFF7134A94C88CEEA48E
  3. b2d9ba84-a451-4f03-aae4-8cd3c90154feuniquemerchantreferencecompletegzip compressed json result data215114531aff7134a94c88ceea48e
  4. d9a3546df25eb4dad9daa2da01ab74801d3292a9d50720071380d48732d79af3fe0197b8d0c5b1f6090cc7092cde4a98c1257ac77b00030dc4c15ae8479e3ebb