Ozow integration

Get started with our step-by-step guide.


Integrating Ozow as a payment option into your website can be achieved in three easy steps:

  1. Post payment information to Ozow.
  2. Process response received from Ozow.
  3. Verify transaction status using Ozow's API (optional but recommended).

Before you start

Please make sure to use your live API Key and Private Key after testing, and once you are ready to go live.

Test Account Details

Code InputDetails
Private Key:215114531AFF7134A94C88CEEA48E
API KeyEB5758F2C3B4DF3FF4F2669D5FF5B

With these account details you can now start implementing the Ozow integration through your framework.


Be advised

A basic understanding of HTML and CSS to is necessary to implement many of the following steps into your source.