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View the list of our current integrations for eCommerce and website application

Ozow simple

We’ve designed the process of integrating with Ozow to be easy and seamless, whether you’re running a large or small business. To that end we offer the ability to integrate with all major payment system plugins such as Shopify and Xero, to name just two. There are also multiple ways for merchants to integrate directly into Ozow. Read more about Ozow Integrations here.

Current integrations

View our current, successfully deployed integrations. These are focused around our eCommerce platforms and as such do not represent all integrations.


Please Note

You will have to be a registered merchant with Ozow in order to successfully install the plugin.​ Kindly email [email protected] for further assistance.


Focused elsewhere?

For more information on other integration packages contact [email protected]

  • Shopify

    Build your eCommerce site on Shopify, use its powerful eCommerce features and get paid with Ozow, easily, quickly and safely.


Activate on Shopify?

  1. Login to Ozow Merchant dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Integrations page
  3. Once on the integrations page. Select the Shopify option displayed
  4. Click on the add store button
  5. Select the store which you would like to add (List of all available sites on your merchant) and add your Shopify store URL (Shopify Store Name field)
  6. Once you click on submit. You will be redirected to Shopify where you can follow instructions to complete your installation.

Please see document for detailed install/uninstall instructions: Shopify Integration Guide

Shopify: How it works on different devices


Browser TypeVideo Link
IOS ChromeIOS - Chrome
IOS EdgeIOS - Edge
IOS FirefoxIOS - Firefox
IOS OperaIOS - Opera
IOS SafariIOS - Safari
Samsung ChromeSamsung Chrome
Xiomi ChromeXiomi Chrome


Browser TypeVideo Link
ChromeWeb - Chrome
EdgeWeb - Edge
FirefoxWeb - Firefox
OperaWeb - Opera
SafariWeb - Safari

  • Xero

    Integrate your business with Ozow, and enjoy all the all the benefits on offer from Xero, the world-leading online accounting software for small business


Activate on Xero?

  1. Register with Ozow at
  2. Register with Xero at
  3. Log into your Ozow dashboard by selecting "Existing Merchant" or "Merchant Login"
  4. From the left-hand navigation panel select "Integrations"
  5. Select "Xero"
  6. Select "Site name" and then "Connect Xero"
  7. Allow Ozow to access Xero data for your organisation
  8. Confirm the account into which your funds will be paid

  • CS-Cart

    CS-Cart’s secure and intuitive platform in conjunction with Ozow’s accessible payment solutions gives merchants an easy and secure way to transact with their customers.

  • WooCommerce

    Grow a strong online presence with WooCommerce and Ozow. Together we can give your customers the convenience of transacting online efficiently and safely.

This is the WooCommerce extension to receive instant EFT payments from customers using the South African Ozow payments provider using Capitec bank.

This is the WooCommerce extension allows your customers to Pay with Cash Vouchers via Ozow.

  • Presta Shop

    Take advantage of an intuitive and appealing digital eCommerce platform that is PrestaShop, while providing your customers with a frictionless checkout process through Ozow’s simple, safe, and secure payments solution.

  • nop Commerce

    Utilise an intuitive digital platform through NOP commerce’s free open-source solution and Ozow’s simple, safe and accessible payments offering.

  • WP eCommerce

    WP eCommerce and Ozow gives you a safer, more efficient way for customers to transact online.

  • Magento

    Magento’s intuitive offering coupled with Ozow’s accessible payments platform makes it easy for your customers to transact.

In order to use Capitec Pay via Ozow with Magento 2.4.x you will need a working Magento 2.4.x installation. Download the file and follow the instructions.

This is the Magento extension allows your customers to Pay with Cash Vouchers via Ozow.

  • BIG Commerce

    Build with BigCommerce and get paid with Ozow, simply, easily, and most importantly, safely.

  • opencart

    Broaden your customer base by upgrading your store to a digital platform with Open Cart and Ozow.

  • Virtue Mart

    Open source and free, VirtueMart and Ozow connect you to your customers through a convenient, intuitive, and safe API.


    WHMCS is an automation platform that simplifies and automates all aspects of operating an online web hosting and domain registrar business.

  • J2 Store

    J2 Store is a powerful, flexible shopping cart and eCommerce solution for Joomla. Set up your store and start selling in less than 10 minutes. Sell anything, anywhere with the help of Ozow.

  • Drupal

    Drupal’s free, open-source content management system (CMS) is ideal for merchants. By integrating Ozow’s intuitive payments platform, your customers will have a way to transact with you safely and securely.


In order to get plugin details towards any of these integrations, it is advised that you contact us directly. [email protected]

Payment request link

With this integration, you get full access to the Ozow portal, where you can easily and quickly create and send payment links to your customers. To generate a payment request, enter these details.

  • The payment amount
  • Customer's name
  • Reference you expect on your bank statement (e.g an invoice number)
  • The payment link delivery method

💬 SMS link

Ask for your customer’s cellphone number, and enter it into the payment request portal. Your customer will then receive an SMS Request Link with a payment link.

📩 Email link

Ask for your customer’s email address, and enter it into the payment request portal. Your customer will receive an email with a payment link.

📱 QR code

You’ll get a unique Ozow QR Code. Your customers can then scan this QR Code with their device, before being redirected to the payment process. You also have the option to create bulk payment request links using QR Codes.


Keep in mind

Bulk payment requires you send the links out (Ozow only generates bulk payment links, we don’t distribute them). That being said, we also give you the option to make static or dynamic payment requests, and give you the power to specify the payment amount and/or bank reference.

For this integration, you won’t need a website, coding skills or access to developers.

Http web form post


This integration method

A normal HTML form with text fields that are posted to Ozow. Your customer is redirected from your website to Ozow’s payment page – from there, they’ll go through the payment process.

Once their payment is successful, Ozow redirects your customer back to your website, as set out by the callback URLs in the form’s post fields. Please note that there are a few optional fields that you can use. Find out more about them by contacting support

Javascript injection

This integration method helps alleviate the need to redirect your customer. All you have to do is add a script file to your website. This will pull one of two simple payment screen types into your website:

📺 iFrame

Through iFrame, you'll have a degree of control over styling the payment screen.



It’s worth noting that iFrame is not compatible with all devices.

🎯 Modal

Through Modal, you'll have little control over the UX and styling of the payment screen. However, Modal is compatible with all device types.

Through the JS injection integration method, you'll need a website and a web developer with some knowledge of front-end scripting.


To make sure the data being posted is secure...

A hash (#) will also need to be dynamically generated on your server, and posted through to Ozow with the form post fields. Generating a hash needs some server-side-scripting and therefore a small backend server is also required.