Ozow PIN

Ozow PIN has been designed with you in mind, helping you get paid quicker by making it even easier for your customers to pay.

Paying with Ozow PIN is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Ozow PIN is a convenient way to pay online without the need to remember your banking details. You register once and after that you simply check out using your 4-digit pin to make instant online payments. Read more about Ozow PIN here.

  1. Login with your Ozow PIN (no need to remember your banking details).
  2. Confirm the payment with your bank (safety first).
  3. Payment successful (easy, fast, secure).

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✏️ User Experience



Instant EFT is set on original payment architecture and is in process of update

(December 2022)

  • Merchant partners display a Ozow approved payment button in their checkout page when a customer is ready to complete payment for their purchase. (Guides to come)
  • The merchant sends a POST request with credentials & purchase details to the Ozow service
  • The customer is then redirected to the Ozow Instant EFT payment gateway. Ozow reflects the purchase amount and reference number along with merchant logo (if applicable)
  • Customer selects Ozow PIN and enters 4-6 digit unique key to access their financial account & Ozow payment process is shortened.

If successful payment is complete the customer is redirected back to the merchant website, confirmation of transaction is presented.

If unsuccessful, the customer is notified of failure, and prompted to attempt again or cancel.

  • Upon completion the customer is then prompted to return to the merchant or will be automatically redirected.
  • If the merchant supplies a notification webhook in their initial POST, the merchant receives a response to their server endpoint with the details of the completed, cancelled, or expired transaction.


Example use case

Instead of entering your bank details again and again into Ozow's Instant EFT solution, setup up your login PIN and streamline entry and confirmation with us, we populate the information and connect you to the allocated account which will make your life easier.

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