Step 1: Check Payout availability (optional)

Even though this step is optional, it is highly recommend in order improve the customer experience and display available payout processing times.



A successful call will return a list of available payout time slots. Each available payout time slot is represented by an Availability object, which is described as below. Note: interval time only applies to interval type batches.

Property TypeDescription
SiteCodeString (50) A unique code for the site currently in use. A site code is generated when adding a site in the Ozow merchant admin section. [Please contact support for SiteCode - suppor[email protected]]
DayTypeIntThe day type. Possible options are:
• Weekday
• Weekend
• PublicHoliday
FromTimeDateTimePayout availability starting time.
ToTimeDateTimePayout availability end time.
IsRtcBoolWhether the availability is for real time clearing (RTC) or not.
AvailabilityTypeIntThe payout availability type. Possible values are:

1. Available - the payout will be processed during the current day.
2. NextWorkingDay – the payout will be processed on the next business day.
3. NextDay – the payout will be processed on the next day.
BatchScheduleTypeIntThe payout batch type. Possible options are:

1. Scheduled - set times batches (e.g. 10am, 3pm).
2. Interval - ongoing interval based batches.
BatchScheduleTimeDateTimeThe next payout batch run time.
BatchIntervalMinuteIntThe frequency of payout batch runs, in minutes.