Capitec Pay High Risk Integration


  1. Within the integration of Step 1: Post form merchant website ( in order to complete the integration for Capitec Pay, field 28 becomes mandatory within the post form request.

This field is paramater 28 - CustomerIdentifier

28.CustomerIdentifierString (13)YesMerchant classified as high-risk must provide a valid South African Identity number or passport number. It's important to note that this is an optional field for all other merchants. For more details, please reach out to [email protected]


"siteCode": "TSTSTE0001", 
"countryCode": "ZA", 
"currencyCode": "ZAR", 
"amount": "25.01", 
"transactionReference": "123", 
"bankReference": "ABC123", 
"cancelUrl": "", 
"errorUrl": "", 
"successUrl": "", 
"notfiyUrl": "", 
"CustomerIdentifier": "SA ID Number or Passport Number", //This is valid South African Identity number or Foreign National Passport number
"isTest": "true", 
"hashCheck": "03f9c85ad45de3a527528e112a2e3a938e3cd9b2c7a19b3249cafe257453e9a8d99c92c1cc189ea931a9ef13312a1d23d7d20481e507aeee18ef3c8cf6337fb8" 


NB – This field must be included in the Hash Calculation as well as it is now part of the merchant request

  1. This also requires the merchant profile to be whitelisted with Capitec Pay

How to get whitelisted?

Please reach out to [email protected]

  1. Once step 1 and 2 are completed, please contact [email protected] to activate Capitec Pay on the Ozow Payment flow. This will then allow Capitec Pay bank option to be displayed in the bank selection screen of the Ozow payment flow.