A peer-to-peer solution that simplifies making and receiving payments for you and your business.

Your friends owe you money? Or do you need to pay them back? With QR Codes and SMS payment request links, paying or getting what you’re owed is as easy as it is quick.

Make or receive payments instantly on your smart device with no hidden costs and no additional fees. Every cent goes directly into your bank account. Plus it’s data free. Never wait for payments to clear again.

Track payments from pending to paid, and get real-time notifications so you know as soon as the payment is successful.


Example use case

Having dinner with friends and need to pay for your half? With Ozow ME, send a SMS, email, WhatsApp, QR code reference and connect with your friends direct. They can then action the link and send funds directly into your Pocket or into your attached account in no time at all.

QR scan

With QR Codes, as an Ozow ME user you generate a personalised QR Code for your ID. You can also utilise your mobile camera to scan QR codes intuitively to pay via scan. This will log as the connected payment entry and allow for a seamless transaction process.

SMS or WhatsApp

Get paid via QR Code

Sending a payment request link directly to a customer’s cell phone. Once the link is clicked Ozow’s payment flow opens on the consumer’s phone. All they need to do is enter their online banking details, select the account from which to pay, authorise the payment and the payment is made. This extends to SMS and WhatsApp to cover all variables for the user experience.

There are no hidden costs and no additional fees. Every cent goes directly into your bank account. Plus it’s data free.

Get paid via SMS or WhatsApp

Pay from SMS Verification

Once the SMS Request Link is received, the user clicks the verified link and goes through a standardised payment flow to complete the transaction.

Businesses can make it even easier for you to pay them by sending you an SMS with a payment link. All you need to do is follow the link, and make payment – no need to step foot in a store.



Your own data may be used in the process of sending WhatsApp notification or SMS push for payment.


Have questions?

To view frequently asked questions, visit Ozow.Me Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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