Step 2: Create Bulk Payment Request

You can pass up to 5000 payment requests per Bulk API request using this API request. Please view payment request fields to see valid column names and what data is expected by the API.

You will receive a response immediately after submitting the request which will indicate whether the job has been accepted for processing. The links and results will be returned after the job is completed to the notification endpoint specified in the originating request.

Url secure/bulkpaymentrequests/create
Method POST
Headers See common headers
URL Params N/A
Data Params
Name Type Req Description
jobReference string (100) Y The merchant reference for the job/batch of payment requests to be created.
notifyUrl string (150) Y The URL where the results for the job will be posted to after the job has been processed.
compressedData string (max) Y

A GZIP compressed json string of the json array of payment request fields.

Click here for more details regarding the payment request fields.

Click here for more details on compressing and decompressing the json data.

Response Object
Name Type Description
jobId guid The identifier for the job created to process the bulk payment requests. No identifier is returned if there was an error creating the job or if the request submitted failed the initial validation.
jobReference string (100) The merchant reference for the job/batch that was passed in the create request.
errors string[] Validation errors for the request.
Request Example
POST   HTTP/1.1,
Authorization: Bearer J4lnLIZtJSc0Rf...Zunskttzl3MdGEMIDArZ4Yp6QTw6_Z4uDkAJN8Y,
Accept: application/json,
Content-Type: application/json
    "jobReference": "UniqueMerchantReference",
    "notifyUrl": "
    "compressedData": "GZIP compressed json data"
Response Example (Successful)
    "jobId": "b2d9ba84-a451-4f03-aae4-8cd3c90154fe",
    "jobReference": "UniqueMerchantReference",
    "errors": null
Response Example (Unsuccessful)
    "jobId": null,
    "jobReference": "UniqueMerchantReference",
    "errors": [
        "Invalid GZIP data, unable to decompress",
        "Invalid json data"

Request Validation

Once bulk payment request has been received, the system will carry out an initial high-level validation before creating a job for processing. Examples of checks that will be performed in the request validation include:

  • A valid absolute notification url was specified
  • Compressed data can be decompressed using GZIP
  • Decompressed data is valid json
  • Json data can be serialised into a request fields array