Terms of Use

The Ozow Payment API allows you to build Ozow's real-time EFT functionality directly into your website or app. This integration method gives you more flexibility but would require more effort than using the Ozow hosted method.

  • A "powered by Ozow" image must be displayed wherever the Ozow API is being used (directly or indirectly).

  • Option 1:
Option 1

Option 1

  • Option 2:
Option 2

Option 2

  • All transaction error messages returned from the API need to be displayed to the user in a modal to avoid any unnecessary support queries.
  • The following payment information must be displayed to the customer throughout the payment process:
    1. The name of the merchant they are paying
    2. The amount being paid
    3. The merchant's reference for the transaction
  • Client's internet banking username and password cannot be stored.
  • The website capturing the username and password needs to have a valid SSL certificate at all times.
  • The merchant must continuously ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of their client's sensitive information.
  • The merchant can in no way say that the solution is endorsed by any of the banks or use any bank logos.